Vorarlberg Hemp Cheese Spaetzle

The slightly different version of the traditional Vorarlberg dish With hemp protein, you add more power, vital substances and a special bite to the Vorarlberg speciality. Our hemp cheese spaetzle owe their greenish-dark colour to the organic hemp protein high fibre. They are also lower in calories and at the same time higher in fibre and protein than the original spaetzle. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty Preparation Nutritional value Both the nutty ...

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Hemp Pasta all'Amatriciana

Vegan version of the Italian classic Delicious, quick to prepare and full of energy: that's what makes this recipe with organic hemp original spelt pasta an absolute Hempion favourite. The original recipe for this delicious pasta variation comes from the small mountain village of Amatrice in the Italian province of Rieti. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty Preparation Nutritional content Our hemp pasta all'Amatriciana is vegan and ...

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Hemp in Vorarlberg

Private Hemp Cultivation In Vorarlberg

The cultivation of hemp in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg has a long tradition. But with the decline of the once strong textile industry in the state, the cultivation of hemp has also largely ceased. The Hempions are campaigning for the re-cultivation of hemp in Vorarlberg and many other regions. Overview of hemp cultivation in Vorarlberg over the last centuries Vorarlberg hemp cultivation today ...

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Hemp Plum Cake

Hemp Plum Cake

The classic for the plum season with the special hemp note Compared to the classic version of the cake, part of the flour in the hemp version is replaced with organic hemp protein high fibre. This results in an increased fibre and protein content as well as a lower calorie content. The sweet and sour taste of the plums also comes through particularly well in ...

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Hemp and CBD for migraine

Overview Already known in the 19th century Treatment of migraine with hemp and CBD How do I use hemp for migraine? Already known in the 19th century as a remedy for migraine In 1892, Dr. William Osler, one of the most famous physicians in the United States at the time, recommended the use of hemp for migraine attacks. In combination ...

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Hemp - the allergy friend

Hemp is particularly popular with allergy sufferers for several reasons. On the one hand, this is because hemp is naturally gluten- and lactose-free and there are generally no known allergies to hemp. Secondly, hemp strengthens the body so well with its valuable ingredients that allergic reactions are reduced or even completely eliminated. Overview What ...

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Nutritional miracle hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are the basis for the production of hulled hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp protein and many other valuable foods. The small seeds taste fantastic and are characterised above all by their mild, nutty flavour. Hemp seeds are full of protein, valuable fats and a variety of vital substances and are therefore very healthy. Overview Hemp inspires as a regional and ...

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Hemp history

The history of hemp

As one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world, hemp has played an important role in human history for thousands of years. Overview The origin of hemp Hemp in Europe Hemp was indispensable for centuries Why hemp lost its importance The origin of hemp Hemp originally comes from Central Asia and reached Europe, Africa and America via the Near East. Among the ...

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