Disclaimer and general note on medical topics

Any content on our website is solely for the purpose of neutral information and general education.
They represent neither a recommendation nor an advertisement of the products, methods and treatments listed. There is no claim to completeness, topicality, correctness and balance of the information presented.

Descriptions of products and supplementary content can in no way replace professional advice from a doctor or pharmacist. They are not suitable as a basis for independent diagnoses or for starting, changing or ending treatments and diseases.
If you have any health questions or complaints, it is best to consult a doctor you trust.

Furthermore, the content presented and products offered are not intended as a substitute for a prescribed medication. They are not suitable for diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing diseases. 

Neither Hempions GmbH nor the authors accept liability for any damage or inconvenience resulting from the use of the contents and products presented.
We strongly advise against the use of CBD products during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. 

All our hemp products originate from certified EU commercial hemp varieties. These are listed in the Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species pursuant to Article 17 of Council Directive 2002/53/EC of 13 June 2002, OJ No. L 193/2002 p.1 or in the Austrian List of Varieties pursuant to § 65 Seed Act 1997, BGBl. l No. 72/1997, as amended.

The hemp plant has been used all over the world for thousands of years. A natural component of the plant is cannabidiol (CBD). Currently, there are still too few clinical studies that prove a medical effect of Haf.

We are not authorised to give recommendations and information on health aspects of the products. Legislation prohibits the communication of healing promises of any kind. We want to comply with this by providing factual and well-researched information.

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