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The best hemp oil - how to recognise the highest quality

What is hemp oil? Hemp oil is extracted from the industrially cultivated hemp plant, which is one of the most valuable sources of nutrients as well as one of the oldest useful plants in the world. For the production, the fruits of the hemp are harvested, washed and, depending on the type of oil, pressed with or without the skin. The oil obtained is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, magnesium and iron. Thanks to ...

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Vegan gift - 5 tips to surprise vegans ­čî▒­čÄü

5 tips for vegan gifts


Overview: The gift search begins... The Christmas season is approaching and with it the annual search for the perfect gift for partner, family and friends. More and more often, a vegan living person is among them. Giving presents to vegans in particular seems to be even more of a challenge than the gift search already is. Socks again or another candle? ...

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Biohacking with hemp protein

Overview What is Biohacking? Why are proteins so important? The best protein sources Hemp protein as the best plant-based protein source Conclusion What is biohacking? Biohacking is about taking the internal and external factors that influence our biology, analysing them and influencing them with a specific goal in mind. That is, we make the body's signals ...

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CBD in road traffic - Is my driving licence in danger?

CBD while driving

Contribution on CBD in road traffic in cooperation with lawyer Mag. Zaid Rauf, among others an expert on the Narcotic Substances Act in Austria. Cannabis is no longer known only for its psychoactive - and illegal - component THC. Cannabidiol, CBD for short, is booming as a herbal medicine. Besides stress-reducing and calming effects, cannabidiol is also said to have enormous healing ...

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Legal situation of CBD in Germany and Austria

In our article on the legal situation of cannabidiol (CBD), we have summarised the most important points for Austria and Germany. CBD and other cannabinoids are mainly found in the inflorescences, leaves and stems of the hemp plant. In contrast, hemp seeds and products made from them do not contain any significant amounts of CBD. Thus, the regulations in the article do not concern food ...

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Hemp protein comparison

Hempions Hemp Protein High Fiber and Hemp Protein Premium

Proteins have many benefits. Some of them are that they: help you lose weight and build muscle protect the heart strengthen the immune system regulate blood sugar levels In this post we explain the benefits of hemp protein compared to other protein sources. We also explain the differences between Hempions Hemp Protein Premium and High Fiber. Overview Why ...

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Nutritional miracle hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are the basis for the production of hulled hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp protein and many other valuable foods. The small seeds taste fantastic and are characterised above all by their mild, nutty flavour. Hemp seeds are full of protein, valuable fats and a variety of vital substances and are therefore very healthy. Overview Hemp inspires as a regional and ...

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