Hemp Milk Cocoa

Hemp Milk Cocoa in Cup

Winter-Nostalgie mit extra Protein Hanfmilch Kakao ist sowohl warm als auch eisgek├╝hlt ein Genuss. Die vegane Hanf-Version des Klassikers aus Kindheitstagen gl├Ąnzt mit viel pflanzlichem Eiwei├č, Mineralstoffen und Vitaminen. ├ťbersicht Zutaten f├╝r 1 Glas Hanfmilch Kakao Zeitaufwand Zubereitungszeit: 3 Minuten Schwierigkeitsgrad leicht Zubereitung Durchschnittlicher N├Ąhrwertgehalt (pro Glas 225 ml) Energie 258 kcal Fett 17 g …

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Hemp nut buns

Nut buns with hemp

Sweet temptation with a variety of nuts Soft yeast dough with a sweet-tart nut filling brings back childhood memories. This nut bun recipe uses three types of nuts. In addition to walnuts and hazelnuts, hemp seeds are used for the filling, as these are botanically nuts and are therefore often referred to as hemp nuts. Hemp seeds are rich in omega-3, protein and ...

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Hemp Schmarrn

Kaiserschmarrn reinterpreted Hemp Schmarrn is the special version of Kaiserschmarrn, the traditional dish named after Emperor Franz Josef I. Allegedly, the dessert was served to Empress Sissi in 1854 and is said to have accidentally torn. Today we serve Kaiserschmarrn refined with hemp for extra nutrients, high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp protein also brings the dish a ...

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Apple-Pear-Hemp Crumble

Hemp Apple Pear Crumble served

Warm fruit coated in crumble A crumble consists of fruit topped with crumble and tastes best fresh. The word "crumble" means crumble in English and the dessert is one of the classics in Great Britain. Hemp protein and hemp puree in the recipe provide a nutty note and an extra dose of power. The warm dessert is always in season, whether in winter ...

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Hemp hummus

Chickpea cream with hemp

The oriental all-rounder made from chickpeas spiced up with nutty hemp seeds. The yellow pulses have a lot going for them. Like hemp seeds, they are small but full of power. Chickpeas ensure healthy digestion. Two-thirds of their dietary fibre is insoluble, which helps cleanse the intestines and maintain a healthy intestinal environment. Chickpeas work ...

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Hemp yoghurt dip

Hemp Yoghurt Dip

The universal herb dip With the combination of fresh herbs and the nutty note of the hemp oil, the hemp yoghurt dip goes perfectly with burgers, nachos, hemp crackers and much more. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty Preparation Nutritional value Ingredients for 4 servings 100 g cr├Ęme fra├«che 100 g yoghurt ┬Ż tsp salt 3 tbsp hemp oil Fresh herbs such as ...

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Hemp French Dressing

Hemp French Dressing with Hemp Oil Premium

French classic reinterpreted The creamy hemp French dressing is a variation of the popular French salad dressing. Here, hemp puree is responsible for the creamy, thick consistency and, together with hemp oil Premium, provides a particularly nutty note. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty Preparation Nutritional value Ingredients for 4 servings ┬Ż clove of garlic ┬Ż onion 1 tsp Hemp Puree Premium 3 ...

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Hemp Cheese Nacho Dip

Spicy-creamy power The dip is very easy to prepare with our hemp cream Cheazy and convinces with its unique cheesy taste. It is also full of protein and omega-3 and is purely vegetable. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty Preparation Nutritional value Ingredients for 2 servings 50 g Hemp Cream Cheazy 3 tbsp. milk (e.g. hemp milk / plant milk) ...

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Hemp Nut Rusk

Hemp Nut Rusk Serving suggestion

Hemp nut rusk as a power biscuit Quick and easy to prepare, crunchy and ideal as an energy supplier: Hemp nut rusk has it all. Moreover, the delicious creation fits perfectly into Christmas baking and is usually sold out in record time. The perfect snack for on the go, but goes just as well with coffee or as a nibble in everyday life. Ingredients overview ...

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Hemp Protein Strawberry Shake

A wonderfully refreshing shake that has it all. Enjoy this delicious shake after your workout, when you don't have time for breakfast in the morning or simply in between. With the Hemp Protein Premium you already cover an essential part of your protein and iron needs (approx. 2 heaped tablespoons (25g) Hemp Protein Premium contains 14g ...

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