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In cooperation with WasteReduction, we collect as much plastic from the environment as our packaging contains

These projects are supported:

We take over Responsibility for our environment!

Hempions plastic neutral

That is why we have chosen to partner with the organisation WasteReduction decided. 

WasteReduction offsets our plastic packaging and is thus committed to a Plastic waste-free nature on.

We pay a compensation contribution to WasteReduction according to the weight of the packaging sold. This packaging receives the plastic neutral+ label.

For each package with the plastic neutral+ label nature is protected from the same amount of other plastic waste and existing plastic waste is collected from the environment. In addition, education and awareness-raising with children about plastic and environmental protection is carried out as a preventative measure.

The + in the label stands for much more can be done through the creation and development of new projects than simply offsetting the plastic footprint for the environment.

We have already compensated for this much plastic:

Why do some products still have to be packaged in plastic at all?

Although we would really like to avoid it, we simply cannot do without plastic for some products.

At Hemp Hamesan for example, we have to use plastic packaging due to the nature of the product and applicable food protection laws. Because we don't just accept this, compensate for each Hamesan packaging we use the Plastic footprint.

Hemp Hamesan Doypack plastic neutral

Who is WasteReduction?

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WasteReduction is a social impact start-up tackling the global and local plastic crisis. Founders Ruth and Martin have seen families living surrounded by rubbish and rivers indistinguishable from landfills while travelling - they wanted to change that! With plastic offsetting, they have created an opportunity for everyone to become part of their mission. They work not for profit, but for the good of our planet.

At Hempions, we are passionate about what WasteReduction is doing for our society and are fully behind it. If you want to know more about WasteReduction If you want to find out more, just click on the button: