Does CBD oil help with colds? The science behind using CBD to relieve colds and flu

Does CBD oil work for colds? The scientific explanation

During the cold and flu season, many people are desperately looking for remedies to alleviate their unpleasant symptoms. One possible treatment option that is increasingly coming into focus is CBD oil. Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD is attracting attention for its potential therapeutic effects without causing a high. This article provides an overview of the [...]

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Interview on the history of Daniel Meier

DanielMeier Interview Cover picture

In the following interview, professional skier Daniel Meier talks about his back problems, how he came across hemp and how this led to the founding of Hempions. Daniel is currently a professional in the Alpine Ski World Cup and competes in his favourite discipline, giant slalom. Overview The development of back pain Dealing with the pain The diagnosis of chronic back pain The treatment of back pain

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Hempions in the Armed Forces

Markus Tschanun eats hemp cheese spaetzle

The Austrian Armed Forces rely on vital superfood from the region According to the motto: "Soldiers need power", hemp cheese spaetzle made from regional ingredients was served at the Austrian Armed Forces' Bilgeri barracks in Bregenz. The particularly tasty version of the traditional dish was well received by both the young conscripts and the officers. The unusual, dark green colour of the hemp cheese spaetzle was convincing.

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Interview with Julian LĂŒftner

Julian LĂŒftern in an interview with Hempions

Hempion athlete Julian LĂŒftner is one of the world leaders in snowboard cross. This spectacular sport requires tactics, physical effort and, of course, fast snowboarding. In this interview, the likeable top athlete talks about his experiences with hemp and gives tips for everyday life Overview What was it like to be at the top of the podium at a World Cup for the first time last season?

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Hemp in Vorarlberg

Private Hemp Cultivation In Vorarlberg

The cultivation of hemp has a long tradition in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. However, with the decline of the state's once strong textile industry, the cultivation of hemp was also largely discontinued. The Hempions are campaigning for the recultivation of hemp in Vorarlberg and many other regions. Overview of hemp cultivation in Vorarlberg over the past centuries Vorarlberg hemp cultivation today

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Why is hemp so valuable?

HempAsAvaluablePlant 1

Hemp has a long tradition as a crop plant and is one of the oldest and most versatile plants in the world. In addition, the hemp plant still offers great advantages in countless areas today. We are so convinced of hemp because no other plant offers so many possibilities and opportunities for a sustainable future. Nevertheless, the champion of all

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