Why is hemp so valuable?

Hemp has a long tradition as a useful plant and is one of the oldest and most versatile plants in the world. In addition, the hemp plant still offers great benefits in countless areas today.

We are so convinced of hemp because no other plant has as many Possibilities and opportunities for a sustainable future brings with it. Nevertheless, the Champion of all useful plants fell into oblivion due to a decades-long ban on cultivation. Only since the legalisation of certain varieties in the EU, during the 90s, has the hemp plant celebrated its comeback.


Why grow hemp?

Cannabis, as hemp is still called, can be cultivated almost anywhere in the world and also grows without the use of fertilisers and sprays. The hemp plant knows hardly any enemies and is sometimes even called a strong weed. Due to its dense root system, hemp also loosens the soil. Thus, after the cultivation of cannabis, fields offer the best conditions for the cultivation of cereals or other crops. Moreover, organic cultivation is easier with the undemanding hemp plant than with other crops. Hemp is furthermore a Efficient CO² storage and removes pollutants from the soil.

Why is hemp valuable for me?

Hemp is particularly versatile and offers decisive advantages in several areas. These include foodstuffs, which are primarily made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds are true nutrient bombsThey taste delicious and contain high-quality protein as well as many valuable fats and vital substances. Thus, the little miracle seeds fit perfectly into every diet plan.

Hemp fibres are very robust and are particularly suitable for the production of environmentally friendly textiles, insulating materials, ropes, sails and lightweight components. They are even suitable as a resistant composite material, such as for the Frame of the unique bamboo wheels. In addition to the longevity of hemp fibres, their environmentally friendly disposal is another advantage. For example, unlike many other insulating materials, insulation material made from cannabis is not hazardous waste.

We at Hempions are committed to Hemp because no other plant is as sustainable attached and versatile used can be.

Our vision is to use the full potential of the hemp plant worldwide and for the benefit of all.


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