Nutritional miracle hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are the basis for the production of hulled hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp protein and many other valuable foods. The small seeds taste fantastic and are characterised above all by their mild, nutty flavour. Hemp seeds are full of Protein, valuable fats and a Variety of vital substances and are therefore very healthy. 


Hemp inspires as a regional and sustainable superfood

Hemp seeds are undoubtedly among the most valuable Superfoods. Superfoods are foods that promise health and vitality through their ingredients. A decisive advantage over most superfoods, however, is that hemp is almost grown regionally all over the world can be grown. In addition, hemp needs no sprays and knows hardly any enemies.

It follows that hemp seeds as a domestic superfood are especially environmentally friendly are. This is because their cultivation not only saves emissions and harmful sprays, but also CO2 and other pollutants are bound by the rapid growth of the hemp plant.

What the little miracle seeds contain

  • Valuable fats

Hemp seeds consist of 30% fat and are particularly rich in Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In addition, these fats, which are important for the human body, are found in the ideal ratio of about 1 : 3 is present. Hemp seeds also contain the rare and very valuable gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Gamma-linolenic acid has the following effects Anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure and thus strengthens the immune system. The special fatty acid is also specifically important for nerve impulse conduction in the brain and can even increase its speed. Besides hemp seeds, only the blossom of the evening primrose and the seeds of the borage plant also contain a noteworthy amount of GLA. However, these two alternatives are more expensive and have little taste.

  • The best protein in the plant world

Hemp seeds are also one of the Best sources of protein at all. Responsible for this are, on the one hand, the High protein content of up to 25% and secondly, the ideal composition of the protein contained in hemp. Hemp seeds have a Complete amino acid spectrum and are moreover easily digestible. In addition, all 8 essential amino acids are contained in a very good ratio. These are all those that the human body cannot produce itself and therefore depends on the intake through the diet. Hemp protein is also rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are particularly important for the body. muscle growth or muscle repair. The amino acid L-arginine in hemp protein is also said to have a potency and performance enhancing Effect is said. Additionally, the high value of glutamine supports the Regeneration and helps, Energy reserves in the body again to fill up. 

The protein in hemp seeds owes its good digestibility to its special composition of the globulin edestin at about 65% and albumins. Albumins are similar to the protein from chicken eggs and are easily digestible. Edestin is very similar to human blood plasma and thus ensures good absorption and supports the immune system.

  • Many vital substances

In addition, the small seeds contain a large number of valuable vital substances. These include minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium. These minerals are important for Metabolism, immune system and the Oxygen transport in the blood. In addition, there is the high content of vitamin E in the hemp seeds. Vitamin E has a antioxidant effect and helps with the Free radical trapping. Vitamin E can therefore also be described as an "anti-ageing agent" for human cells. Furthermore, the shell of the seeds in particular contains high-quality secondary plant compounds und provides the greenish colour in hemp protein and hemp oil. 

  • A fantastic taste

In addition to the ingredients, hemp seeds and the products made from them taste fantastic. Whether as a snack, as valuable cooking oil or as a basis for Organic Hemp Spelt Tagliatelle and countless other dishes: they bring a special, nutty note to all kinds of dishes and delight young and old.

Tip: Roasted hemp seeds taste particularly delicious and are the perfect power snack. Suitable for this are both unhulled hemp seeds as well as hulled hemp seeds.

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