Fabian Braitsch

"When Daniel told me about the potential of the hemp plant and the cure for his back pain, it stuck with me. The foundation stone for the foundation of Hempions was laid."

Fabian loves getting to know new people and cultures. The European Ski Cup winner is responsible for sales and marketing at Hempions. He also runs the business at Hempions together with his brother Florian. Fabian always has a smile on his face, is determined and loves to travel all over the world.

  • Motto: Why not?
  • Sport:  Ski Freestyle
  • Greatest success:  Overall victory European Cup, Universiade gold medal in Granada, 2015.
  • Funfact: Fabian fed exclusively on hemp for over 22 days
  • Instagram: @fabianbraitsch
  • Favourite product: Hemp CrunchiesI can't stop snacking

Fabian Braitsch in action

Why are you with Hempions?

My vocation at Hempions brings me a lot of joy and gives me a sense of purpose. For me, hemp is the plant with the greatest potential for a better future. At Hempions, I can give my best every day and know that it will be worth it.

What do you want to achieve with Hempions?

I want to make a positive difference with Hempions. It is time to build companies that enable a better future for nature and people from the ground up. I belong to the first generation that has to live with the consequences of the exploitation of our planet. When asked what we have done about the destruction of the planet, I would like to be able to answer: "Our best!

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