Our Vision is to use the full potential of the hemp plant for the benefit of people and nature.

Why "Hempions"?

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The name Hempions derives from the two words Hemp (English for hemp) and Champions (English for winner).
This goes hand in hand with our motto:
We make hemp for champions.
We want to make it possible for hemp in the future to live up to its immense potential as a Champion of the plant world. The winners here are not only people, but also nature. This makes us all champions, or better said Hempions. There is hardly a plant that offers more possibilities than hemp, the oldest cultivated plant in the world.

Hempion Values Hemp

Our values

Value SustainableSustainable
Future generations are close to our hearts. With a sustainable product cycle, we do our part for the health of Mother Earth.
Value Performance orientatedPerformance-oriented
We want to make a difference and make our contribution to a healthier and more sustainable world. We and the hemp plant are only true champions if we successfully live up to this ambition. Hempions start today instead of waiting for tomorrowbecause actions count more than words.
Value FreudigSatisfied
It is close to our hearts that every customer has fun and enjoys our products and the contact with Hempions. This is exactly how we enjoy our work, are positive from the ground up and find fulfilment in our task. 
Healthy valueVital
As the highest good, the health of all people is a special concern for us. We are committed to helping you improve your performance and get the most out of every day.
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