Interview with Julian Lüftner

Julian Lüftern in an interview with Hempions

Hempion athlete Julian Lüftner is one of the world's top snowboard cross athletes. This spectacular sport requires tactics, physical effort and, of course, fast snowboarding.

In the interview, the likeable top athlete talks about his experiences with hemp and gives tips for everyday life.


What was it like to stand at the top of the podium for the first time at a World Cup and how did the competition day on the Feldberg go?

The first World Cup victory feels indescribable, of course. On this day, I was relaxed and had a lot of fun on the one hand, and on the other hand I had exactly the right focus and was able to get the maximum out of the day.

I can use my potential best when I am 100% in the moment, paired with the right mixture of looseness and tension. In addition, everything else has to fit together, of course. In elite sport, small things play a big role.

You have been part of the Hempions family since August 2018. How has your environment reacted to your new sponsor?

That was basically no problem.
In the beginning, I had to do a little educational work, especially in my family, and fight against one or two prejudices. But due to my enthusiasm for hemp and the many advantages of the hemp plant, I was already able to convince most of those around me.
It was no problem at all at the police station, where I even went to the interview with my Hempions snapback cap.

How do you incorporate hemp into your everyday life?

Basically, I try to incorporate hemp products sensibly and regularly into my diet, but without overdoing it.

  • I prefer to use hemp nut oil because it tastes delicious and provides me with good fats.
  • I prefer to take hemp protein premium before going to bed to support regeneration overnight.
  • For baking, my girlfriend and I like to mix the hemp protein into the bread or cake dough.
  • I like to sprinkle roasted hemp seeds on my muesli or make a fine pesto for my spelt pasta.
  • After a hard day, I take CBD drops to improve recovery.
  • I also use the CBD ointment mainly for local pain or bruises.

I determine the quantities by feeling, but I notice differences when I eat hemp products and when I do not. Basically, I try to make every meal balanced, seasonal and regional. I read a lot, like to cook and often try out new things in order to get better and provide enough variety.

What has changed for you since you started incorporating hemp into your diet?

All in all, I feel more balanced, which is reflected in several points:

  • My weight is more constant and at the level I feel comfortable at. Before, I often had weight fluctuations, especially when I had a break for a few days.
  • I don't feel hungry as quickly, I'm not as full after a meal and therefore ready for a good workout straight away.
  • I also regenerate very well and can train more extensively, which makes me more efficient again. The quality of my training has thus increased.
  • My omega-3 levels have improved: I used to have to take supplements most of the time, especially after the summer. Since hemp products have become an integral part of my diet, my omega-3 values have developed into the optimal range and made additional capsules superfluous.

What tips can you give others who want to achieve more in everyday life and sport?

Basically, there is no secret recipe, because every person is different. In my opinion, it is most important to get to know your own body and to get a feeling for what is good for you. Accordingly, small, steady steps are much more sensible than radical changes.
For example, if I change something in my diet, I make sure that I can do this consistently for the rest of my life. That's why I don't think diets make sense.
Furthermore, a good balance and fun are basic prerequisites for achieving peak performance.
For example, many people eat a very one-sided diet and cover their nutrient requirements only very poorly. Ideally, every meal should contain carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals in a balanced proportion. The strength athlete will naturally eat more protein and the endurance athlete prefers carbohydrates, but it does not make sense to completely forego one nutrient group. In the same way, it does not make sense to eat only hemp, but hemp is ideal as a source of fat, protein and vital substances in many meals.

Even Julian's power shake for in between fulfils these criteria and includes:

  • 3 TBSP. Organic Hemp Protein Premium, for protein and minerals
  • 1 avocado, for valuable fats
  • a few leaves of spinach, for vitamins and minerals
  • freshly squeezed juice from a large orange, for vitamins and a good taste
  • 1 banana, for energy, vitamins and minerals
  • Water to taste

Simply put everything in the blender and the delicious nutrient bomb is ready.

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