Markus Tschanun eats hemp cheese spaetzle

Hempions in the Armed Forces

The Austrian Armed Forces rely on vital superfoods from the region

According to the motto: "Soldiers need power", hemp cheese spaetzle made from regional ingredients was served at the army's Bilgeri Barracks in Bregenz. The particularly tasty version of the traditional dish met with good feedback from both the young basic military personnel and the officers.
The unusual, dark green colour of the hemp cheese spaetzle did not convince most people at first glance, but the first bite was thoroughly convincing.

"The slightly nutty taste of the rustic spaetzle together with cheese is something very special," said one of the soldiers.

HempionsSpätzleIn the army

Markus Tschanun as ambassador for hemp products

The fitness coach and person responsible for the Vorarlberg army kitchens, Markus Tschanun (My Trainer Tschanun), talks about the advantages of hemp spaetzle:
"The addition of up to 30% Hemp Protein instead of the normal spaetzle flour leads to an increased content of easily digestible protein and high-quality dietary fibre. Thus, the spaetzle keep you full longer and provide the body with important nutrients. In addition, the addition of hemp to the spaetzle provides important minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc, which are essential for physical health and fitness."

Surprising openness

We at The Hempions have to admit that we were very surprised by the openness of the Austrian Armed Forces on the subject of hemp. We are sure that in the future we will again work together with the Austrian Armed Forces to bring a special dish to the soldiers' plates.