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5 tips for vegan gifts



  1. The gift hunt begins...
  2. 5 tips for the perfect vegan gift
  3. The perfect gift for vegans - an example

The gift hunt begins...

Vegan gift On the lookout

The Christmas season is approaching and with it the annual search for the perfect gift for partner, family and friends. More and more often, a vegan person is among them. Giving vegans in particular seems to be an even bigger challenge. Challengethan the gift hunt already presents. Socks again or another candle? And the last resort of chocolate is also out of the question for vegans. To save the vegan in your life from the fifth pair of socks, and to make yours easier, we've created our Guide for the perfect vegan gift created - with practical example of course. 

5 tips for the perfect vegan gift

Vegan gift main criterion

1. vegan

Ok, we admit, it's obvious that the perfect vegan gift should really be vegan. But among the most popular Christmas gifts are some that seem vegan at first glance, but aren't always. A good example is wine, for the production of which animal clarifiers are often used to filter turbidity out of the wine. Sweets such as gummy bears, which are made from pork or beef gelatine, are also animal products that are difficult to recognise at first glance. It is also often forgotten that conventional chocolate contains cow's milk as well as vegetable cocoa. 

Vegan gift Sustainable

2. sustainable

Many vegans choose a plant-based lifestyle not only for the benefit of animals, but also because they want to reduce their ecological footprint and thus do something good for the environment. That's why you should pay attention to regional origin when choosing a gift. Many trendy vegan products are produced or grown far away in countries like China and Brazil. They have to travel a long way to reach you and are often produced under suboptimal conditions in terms of sustainability and labour conditions for their workers.

Vegan gift surprise

3. surprising

Even though more and more people are going vegan, it is still a niche and not fully integrated into our society. Therefore, vegans tend to do a lot of research to find suitable products for their lifestyle, although the choice is still limited. As a result, they are often confronted with the same products. Innovative products from smaller companies and start-ups are therefore great gifts because they bring variety. This way you can give a real surprise with your gift!   

Vegan gift request

4. appealing

Just because vegans often enjoy sustainable gifts doesn't mean they have to be boring and unappealing. The much-maligned "eco" look has long been a thing of the past and vegan gifts are also available in cool and stylish packaging. When unwrapping, first impressions count. The gift should be just as visually convincing and have a high-quality impression. 

Vegan gift added value

5. added value

Sure, you're happy about fun gadgets that you would never buy for yourself. But why not choose a gift that the recipient will also benefit from in everyday life. For vegans in particular, for example, something tasty that they can implement in their everyday life and thus sustainably improve their diet, especially in terms of nutrients. In addition to food, exciting sources of knowledge and inspiring recipes can offer great added value for vegans and show that you have put some thought into your gift. 

The perfect gift for vegans - an example

As promised, we have prepared a practical example for the perfect vegan gift for you:

The Hemp Starter Package from Hempions

Christmas gift wrapping

It not only fulfils all the wishes of the vegan recipient, but also yours as the giver. With one click you have everything done.

  • Free shipping within Austria and Germany
  • Delivery in 2-4 workdays
  • Ready and waiting wrapped in an attractive Gift box
  • Optionally in noble Gift wrapping in blue or red

This is done Hemp Starter Package from Austrian start-up Hempions. The young company was founded by four former Competitive athletes and has set itself the goal of promoting the particularly nutrient-rich hemp seeds more widely known and accessible to all. Especially in the vegan nutrition, hemp is the perfect complement, as it is rich in high quality protein, Omega-3 Fatty acids, Vitamins and Ballasted is.
The starter package is a 100% vegan gift set consisting of six innovative products made from hemp seeds plus a Recipe book with over 50 ideas and a detailed knowledge section. 

Included are:

Hemp Hamesan 90g main picture

1x Organic Hemp Hamesan - 90 g
Vegan pasta topping from hemp seeds

Hemp Seeds Premium 200g EU

1x Organic Hemp Seed Premium - 200 g
The classic peeled and roasted 

Hemp puree premium, alternative to nut puree, in 175 g jar

1x Organic Hemp Puree Premium - 175 g 
Fine, nutty cream made from hemp seeds

Hemfo%CC%88l Premium 100ml

1x Organic Hemp Oil Premium - 100 ml
Cold-pressed, nutty salad oil for connoisseurs

Hemp and spelt ribbon noodles

1x Organic Hemp Spelt Ribbon Noodles - 250 g
High-fibre pasta made from hemp protein & original spelt

Hemp Crunchies Chocolate lying Product image

1x Organic Hemp Crunchies Chocolate - 50 g
Crispy roasted hemp seeds with chocolate coating

Recipe Book Main Image 2nd Edition

1x Hemp Recipe Book 
With over 50 innovative recipes and a detailed knowledge section

Ôćĺ to the Starter Package

Or would you prefer a little something for your vegan friend? No problem, because all the products in the hemp starter pack are also available individually and look great under any Christmas tree.

To the products

Hempions product selection


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