Biohacking with hemp protein


What is biohacking?

At Biohacking is about recording the internal and external factors influencing our biology, analysing them and influencing them with a view to a specific goal. This means we make the body's signals visible and react accordingly. We rely on collected data and scientific facts instead of guessing and hoping. Together with the areas of mindset, exercise and recovery, the topic of nutrition also plays an important role.

Nutrition varies from person to personThe topics Mindset, Movement, Recreation and Nutrition are considered in biohacking

Because what our body needs and what harms it is highly individual from person to person. However, the basic building blocks, also called macronutrients, remain the same: Fat, Carbohydrates and Proteins. The first serve mainly for energy production and as building materials, while proteins are used almost exclusively as building materials. So if you want a fulfilled life with stable health, strength, endurance, endless energy and deep concentration, you can't avoid the subject of proteins.

Why are proteins so important?

Proteins are the Building material number one in the human body and there is no cell that does not contain protein. We need them to build and maintain muscles, tendons, bones, hair, nails and so on. But proteins are not only essential for our tissues, but also for the formation of hormones, enzymes and even the immune system.

The best sources of protein

Animal products are the first source of protein because they have the most complete and concentrated amino acid profile. Proteins are composed of different amino acids, which are divided into essential, non-essential and semi-essential amino acids. The essential amino acids cannot be produced by the body, but must be ingested with food.

Hempions Hemp Protein High Fiber and Hemp Protein PremiumHemp Protein as an alternative to animal protein

In the meantime, many people are giving up animal products and thus also these protein sources. And even those who do not renounce out of consideration for the animals, and on Food supplements may be better off with a plant-based alternative. Why? Because a certain number of people don't do very well with the whey protein found in milk-based protein powders (e.g. Whey). That's why there are now great plant-based alternatives. And this is where Hemp protein clearly stands out.

Hemp protein as the best plant protein source

The quality of a protein is mainly determined by the Amino acid profileas well as other ingredients. And here has Hemp clearly ahead. It contains 18 essential amino acids and thus covers a large part of our needs. Although the expression per 100g is not the same as with animal proteins and supplements like Whey protein, the bioavailability is still very high. This describes how well our body can convert the proteins into the body's own building blocks. Other plant-based protein sources often do not perform as well here. Why?

Vegetable proteins such as soy contain so-called trypsin inhibitors and thus block the absorption of important nutrients. This means that even with a higher concentration of amino acids, the final utilisation could be worse than with proteins without these trypsin inhibitors.

Crepe with Hemp ProteinHemp Protein is versatile, for example as a partial flour substitute

In addition, hemp is free of oligosaccharides, a form of carbohydrates that can cause flatulence in sensitive people. Lastly, hemp protein provides numerous useful accompanying substances such as plant pigments, dietary fibres, minerals as well as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect on our organism, support the brain and the natural intestinal function.


If it is to be a vegetable protein source, the Hemp a very good option. Not only because of its good bioavailability and composition, but also because of its positive effect on the environment. Hemp can be grown very gently and there are virtually no waste products. Because in the end, all the biohacking is of no use if we destroy our livelihood.