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Give the gift of special hemp enjoyment, lovingly Gift boxes packed.

Christmas Gift Wrapping with Note

The following products are available as Gift box in red the blue available:

5 reasons that make our hemp boxes the ideal gift

1. sustainable

Especially nowadays, more and more people want to reduce their ecological footprint and thus do something good for the environment. That's why you should pay attention to the regional origin when choosing a gift. Many trendy products are produced or grown far away in Asia or South America. They have to travel a long way to reach you and are often produced under suboptimal conditions in terms of sustainability and working conditions for their workers. This is not the case with our gift boxes, because the products come from German-speaking and European countries and are therefore much more sustainable.

2. surprising

Especially when it comes to not always giving the same thing, you often have to do a lot of research to find suitable products. Innovative products from smaller companies and start-ups (like Hempion) are great gifts because they bring variety. This way, you can give a real surprise with your gift!   

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3. appealing

Just because a gift is sustainable doesn't mean it has to be boring and unappealing. The much-maligned "eco" look has long been a thing of the past, which is why organic products can also be available in cool and stylish packaging. When unwrapping, first impressions count. The gift should be just as visually convincing and have a high-quality impression. 

4. added value

Sure, you're happy about fun gadgets that you would never buy for yourself. But why not choose a gift that the recipient will also benefit from in everyday life. Besides food, exciting sources of knowledge and inspiring recipes can also offer great added value and show that you have put some thought into the gift. 

5. vegan

More and more people are eating a vegan diet or are consciously incorporating vegan products into their everyday lives and diets. But you often have to be careful when choosing, because some of the most popular Christmas gifts seem vegan at first glance, but they are not always so. A good example is wine, for the production of which animal clarifiers are often used to filter turbidity out of the wine. Sweets such as gummy bears, which are made from pork or beef gelatine, are also animal products that are difficult to recognise at first glance. People often forget that conventional chocolate contains cow's milk as well as vegetable cocoa. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this with our gift boxes, because all of our products are 100% vegan.

Take a look at our gift boxes:

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