What you should bear in mind when buying hemp seeds

In our big 1Ă—1 of hemp seeds you will learn about the price of hemp seeds, what you should bear in mind when buying hemp seeds, as well as everything about the differences in taste between hulled and unhulled hemp seeds. 

What are (hulled) hemp seeds? 

Hemp seeds are the peppercorn-sized fruits of the hemp plant. They are often called hemp nuts because they are covered by a shell. After removing this shell, one speaks of shelled hemp seeds. 

Contrary to all prejudices, hemp seeds do not contain any intoxicating substances and are even recommended as food for babies and children. Because hemp seeds are small nutrient bombs and particularly rich in vegetable protein, which the body needs for cell building and cell repair. They also have a high content of vitamins as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which are needed as healthy fats for our brain performance and are also anti-inflammatory. 

Buying hemp seeds: This is how the price of hemp seeds comes about

If you want to buy hemp seeds, you will quickly notice that the price of hemp seeds per kg varies greatly between different suppliers. The question also arises as to why hemp seeds are more expensive than other types of nuts. We have summarised in 4 points how the price of hemp seeds comes about:

1. organic

Often the price varies between different suppliers depending on the quality of the hemp seeds on offer. A big factor is whether it is organic quality or not. The organically certified cultivation of hemp is far more cost-intensive and subject to strict conditions. In return, the hemp plant is grown without the use of pesticides and in an environmentally friendly way. 

2. peeled or unpeeled

The price difference between hulled and unhulled hemp seeds is particularly striking. For 1 kg hulled hemp seeds are a whole 3 kg of unhulled hemp seeds This is why the peeled variety is more expensive. In return, they have a finer taste and their protein content increases by around 8%.

3. peeling method

The gentler and more precise the hulling method, the higher the associated costs. The worse the hemp seeds are hulled, the less soft and fine the end product is.

4 The smallest nut

Hemp seeds are among the smallest nuts in the world, which is why they are usually more expensive than other types of nuts. This is because the shelling process is more elaborate and three times the amount of unshelled hemp seeds is needed for a small amount of shelled hemp seeds. Another factor is the even lower demand and the resulting lower sales of hemp seeds compared to nuts such as almonds. On the other hand, hemp seeds contain fewer carbohydrates than almonds, less sugar and more protein.

How do hulled and unhulled hemp seeds differ in taste?

Hulled hemp seeds differ from unhulled hemp seeds especially in their bite, as the shell of the hemp seeds is very crunchy. Both have a nutty flavour, but hulled hemp seeds taste more intense because most of the flavour is in the seeds. In addition, they have a velvety finish thanks to the hemp oil they contain. Hulled and roasted hemp seeds taste even more intense, as the fine nutty flavour is complemented by roasted aromas.

How to recognise high quality hulled hemp seeds 

The price of hemp seeds is not always synonymous with their quality, but it can be helpful to consult the 4 points above that make up the price, also for quality control. By doing a little research or looking at the packaging, you can already tell a lot. 

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