Florian Braitsch

"Hemp is the regional solution that optimally nourishes body and mind and simply tastes really delicious."

Florian comes from gymnastics, one of the toughest sports of all. The multiple Austrian champion is our specialist for website, design and media. Together with brother Fabian, Florian runs the business at Hempions. He loves nature and is a true connoisseur when it comes to delicious, vital food.

  • Nickname: Flo
  • Motto: If you can believe it, your mind can achieve it.
  • Sport:  Artistic gymnastics
  • Greatest successes:  World Cup participation, multiple Austrian champion
  • Secret: It all comes down to the right balance - just like with the handstand.
  • Favourite product: Quite clear Hemp Protein - makes everything a power meal
  • Instagram: @flo.braitsch
  • FunfactFlorian has already mixed hemp protein into almost every dish.
Florian Braitsch in action

Why are you so enthusiastic about Hempions and hemp?

I am fascinated by how many areas hemp offers me significant advantages. As an athlete, nutrition is particularly important to me. Other opportunities are

  • Environmentally friendly cultivation around the world
  • Use of the whole plant: Nothing is useless
  • Hemp is the basis for tens of thousands of products from sustainable value creation

What drives you?

Seeing our products on the shelf, which people buy with enthusiasm and promote with a clear conscience. With Hempions, I want to bring joy to people. It is also important to me to provide access to valuable food on a large scale. I want to make a positive difference holistically and be able to stand behind my work with a clear conscience.

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