Hemp - the allergy friend

Hemp is particularly popular with allergy sufferers for several reasons. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that hemp is naturally gluten and lactose free is and generally No known allergies to hemp are. On the other hand, hemp strengthens the body so well through its valuable ingredients that allergic reactions are reduced or even completely eliminated.


What is an allergy?

Allergies are generally hypersensitive reactions of the body against substances foreign to the body. The defence system reacts after repeated contact with pollen, food and other substances and specifically forms antibodies. A renewed contact with the said substances can consequently lead to allergic reactions. These include red, watery eyes, itching, runny nose or even shortness of breath and insomnia.

Why does hemp help with allergies?

As so often, the proper nutrition lead to significant improvements in the quality of life here as well. Above all Inflammation-reducing foods are effective in the fight against allergies and can thus reduce symptoms. The substances contained in hemp seeds Omega-3 fatty acidsAlpha-linolenic acid or gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) are very helpful for allergies. GLA in particular has a anti-inflammatory effect and thus counteracts the counteract allergic reactions. In addition, the protein edestin contained in hemp is important for the formation of antibodies and the maintenance of a healthy immune system. The protein contained in hemp Vitamin E helps through its antioxidant effect in the Free radical trapping in the body and thus additionally inhibits the development of inflammation in the body.

The installation of hemp in everyday life

We recommend a heaped tablespoon daily of hulled hemp seeds to take. These not only taste delicious, but also go well with many different dishes, such as salad toppings or in muesli. In addition, the miracle seeds can be made into Hemp milk or Hemp Cream process further. You can find more recipe ideas in our blog.

Tip: For nut allergy sufferers, the following is suitable Hemp Puree Premium instead of peanut butter and is also the ideal and, above all, healthier alternative to the popular spread for all non-allergy sufferers.

More tips for allergy sufferers

Although hemp is an all-rounder, it is not the sole and best miracle cure for allergies. Especially in combination with other measures, hemp can even lead to much better results:

  • Wheat free diet

Dhe Avoiding foods containing wheat is highly recommended. The amzlase trypsin inhibitors (ATI) contained in wheat act pro-inflammatory and thus promote allergic reactions. Often, avoiding wheat leads to significant improvements in the daily lives of allergy sufferers. ATI is predominantly found in highly cultivated wheat varieties, which is why Original forms of wheat unproblematic are. Rye and spelt products are a popular alternative and are therefore becoming increasingly popular. In the case of spelt, the original spelt is particularly recommended. Organic Hemp Spelt Fusilli is contained. Caution is therefore advised when shopping: Often spelt or rye products still have a wheat content and therefore a closer study of the ingredients is necessary. In this context, vEspecially pollen allergy sufferers benefit from significant improvements. 

  • Eat only what you understand

The general rule when shopping is: only eat what you understand and, if possible, avoid convenience foods with many E-numbers in the list of ingredients. Your body loves above all fresh meals produced without many industrial processes. That's why we make sure that our food is produced as uncomplicatedly as possible and in just a few steps.

  • Alkaline lifestyle

Furthermore, a alkaline lifestyle recommended. Foods that are metabolised alkaline in the body should therefore be consumed more frequently. Alkaline foods include, for example fresh sprouts (also hemp sprouts), Vegetables and fruit (fresh lemon juice has an alkaline effect), Herbs and nuts. Acid metabolises sugar, alcohol, coffee, cereal products and most protein sources such as meat, milk, eggs and pulses. Hemp and lupins belong to the few basic protein suppliers and are therefore particularly valuable.

  • OPC

In addition, the anti-inflammatory effect of Oligomeric procyanidins (OPC) in the reduction of allergic symptoms. OPC also has many other positive effects such as the Regulation of blood pressure, Skin improvement, Promotion of wound healing and a antioxidant effect as a result. OPC is contained in the seeds of red grapes and can easily be taken via capsules or grape seed flour. Just one level teaspoon of grape seed flour daily can lead to improvements.

Finally, we would like to point out that natural products cannot work for everyone and especially not as specifically as pharmaceuticals. Likewise, more patience is usually needed during implementation. until an effect occurs. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth a try.

We wish you every success in implementing the tips for a more pleasant and pain-free everyday life.