Hemp Apple Pie

Crispy, fruity indulgence This special hemp apple pie not only looks good, but also tastes fantastic. Thanks to unhulled hemp seeds and hemp protein High Fiber, it also provides double the portion of fibre for a healthy digestive system. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty Preparation Nutritional value Ingredients 150 g butter 150 g raw sugar 2 eggs 1 pinch of salt 150 ...

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Hemp banana bread

Hemp banana bread: The perfect power snack for in-between meals Hemp banana bread tastes delicious as a snack and is the ideal energy supplier for your next adventure. Hemp seeds and hemp protein add more fibre and protein to this popular recipe. Hempions prefer to enjoy the banana bread on its own or in combination with a little hemp oil Premium. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty Preparation Nutritional content ...

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Hemp Protein Shake Basic

Shakes are definitely one of the easiest and quickest ways to use hemp protein. The recipe for our hemp protein shake basic is vegan, gluten-free and generally suitable for allergy sufferers. Ingredients and preparation 250 ml water 1 heaped tbsp (≈ 15 g) organic hemp seeds peeled 2 heaped tbsp (≈ 30 g) organic hemp protein Premium or hemp protein High ...

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Hemp Nachos

Hemp nachos on board with dip

Hemp Nachos del Hempions The Tex-Mex classic for champions to make themselves and spiced up with hemp. Hemp protein high fibre gives the hemp nachos a special, nutty, rustic flavour and provides an extra portion of protein, fibre and vital substances. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty Preparation Nutritional value Ingredients for approx. 250 hemp nachos 160 g spelt flour 160 g corn flour 40 g hemp protein High Fiber ...

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Hemp Lubricator Smoothie Recipe

Hemp Lubricator Shake

The immune booster for champions: With high-quality proteins, healthy fats and important vital substances, our hemp lubricator smoothies provide you with optimal nutrition. Lubrikator comes from the English and means lubricant. Our recipe therefore has the ideal combination of: easily digestible protein omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and medium-chain fats, especially for your brain vitamins & minerals fast ...

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Instructions for pulling hemp sprouts

The power bundle par excellence: hemp sprouts Hemp sprouts take the health value of hemp seeds to the next level. The sprouted seeds are perfect on salads or as a snack and are very easy to grow from unhulled organic hemp seeds. Overview Growing hemp sprouts in 5 steps Nutritional content Why are hemp sprouts and sprouts in general so healthy? Growing hemp sprouts in 5 steps The only ...

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Hemp Cracker Recipe

Crunchy hemp crackers, simply homemade With the Hempions hemp crackers, you can easily conjure up a healthy snack for yourself. With lots of seeds and hemp protein, the crackers not only taste delicious, but are also very healthy for you. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty Preparation Nutritional value Ingredients for 16 crackers 40 g spelt flour 40 g ...

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Hemp Chocolate Biscuits

Hemp Chocolate Cookies on Plate

Thanks to the hemp protein, hemp chocolate biscuits are ideal for conscious gourmets and provide valuable vegetable protein. In addition to valuable nutritional values, hemp protein brings a special, nutty taste to the biscuits. Unlike many vegetable proteins, hemp protein contains all nine essential amino acids and is not only suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is digested and utilised slowly and provides the body ...

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Hemp Protein Dumpling Recipe

The vegetarian power meal with organic hemp protein Premium hemp protein gives the dumplings a fine nutty note and also brings a lot of energy to the traditional dish. In addition, hemp protein Premium, in contrast to the conventional version, is not only lighter in colour but also more soluble and can be processed particularly efficiently by the body. Overview Ingredients Time required Difficulty ...

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Hemp Oil Mustard Dressing

Hemp oil mustard dressing - recipe picture

The dressing to refine salads Sharp mustard, sweet honey and nutty hemp oil. The harmony in this dressing is just right and the nutrients also complement each other perfectly. Mustard has a positive effect on digestion and can even protect against bacterial infections. Honey not only helps against coughs and sore throats, but is full of anti-inflammatory substances. Hemp oil ...

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