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7 reasons to eat hemp seeds daily

Hemp seeds are among the most valuable sources of nutrients in the world. Their extraordinary ingredients make them one of the so-called superfoods. Superfoods are characterised by their particularly high concentration of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, protein and fibre. The best-known representatives are chia seeds, flax seeds and avocados. The healthy hemp seeds are among the lesser-known representatives, but they are all the more convincing because of additional advantages such as their regionality. Due to their easy handling and the small amount that needs to be consumed, they are also very easy to incorporate into everyday life. 
Just eating a spoonful Hemp Seeds per day can have a positive effect on the organism in many different ways, as described in the following 7 reasons. 

  1. Vegan protein bomb
  2. Omega-3 supplier
  3. For a healthy gut
  4. CO2 Memory
  5. Anti-inflammatory
  6. Cholesterol killer
  7. Baby-friendly

1. vegan protein bomb 

As meat consumption declines, the demand for wholesome, plant-based sources of protein is increasing. Consuming high-quality protein is important because it is present in every cell nucleus, where it helps build and repair our bodies. Hemp seeds contain around 25% of high quality protein, similar to the protein found in soy or eggs. Compared to many other plant sources of protein, hemp seeds contain all nine essential amino acids. They are the building blocks of proteins and must be supplied through food. In addition, hemp protein is easily digestible and available in the body longer than comparable animal proteins.

2. omega-3 supplier

Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are among the healthiest form of fats. They support the body in regulating the lymphatic system, which removes harmful substances from the body, among other things. Our brain also uses a lot of Omega-3This is why brain performance is positively influenced by a sufficient intake. Hemp seeds have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which even exceeds the content in salmon by a factor of four. Hemp seeds also have an ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, which helps prevent inflammation.  

Hemp seeds comparison table
Hemp seeds convince with a high content of protein, omega-3 and minerals.

3. for a healthy gut

Eating hemp seeds daily can contribute to a healthy intestinal flora. The valuable dietary fibres in hemp seeds stimulate digestion, which means that harmful substances are removed from the intestines more quickly. Hemp seeds can therefore help against flatulence and constipation. They are also suitable as a support for Lose weightas they contain a high level of insoluble and soluble dietary fibre. The former, as already mentioned, ensure an active intestine. They also contribute to a longer-lasting feeling of satiety, as they swell up in the stomach. Soluble fibre, on the other hand, reduces the absorption of glucose, which slows down the rise in blood glucose levels.  

4. CO2 Memory

Hemp is also called the food of the future. This is not only due to its high nutrient density, but also to the resilient nature of the hemp plant. Hemp can grow almost anywhere on earth and needs neither artificial fertilisers nor sprays. The plant knows no natural enemies and is extremely robust. With its dense root system, it loosens the soil, removes pollutants from the soil and even leaves it more fertile. Hemp also contributes as an efficient CO2-storage contributes to climate protection. The more hemp is consumed daily, the more is grown. This reduces the ecological footprint of hemp even further.

HempAsAvaluablePlant 1 edited
The hemp plant as an optimal CO2 Memory

5. anti-inflammatory

Many diseases, from arthritis to cancer, originate from inflammation in the body. Common inflammations also include widespread skin diseases such as acne and neurodermatitis. They are also often the trigger for various types of pain.

Eating hemp seeds can prevent and alleviate inflammation thanks to their extraordinary ingredients. The fatty acid gamma linolenic acid contained in hemp seeds has been shown to curb the release of pro-inflammatory substances and leads to an improvement in the clinical picture. The high content of vitamin E in hemp seeds helps with cell renewal. The antioxidants contained in it protect our cells from harmful substances and thus also prevent inflammation.

6. cholesterol killer

Unsaturated fatty acids have a positive effect not only against inflammation, but also against cholesterol. By absorbing the healthy fatty acids, particles are formed that remove the bad LDL cholesterol. This in turn lowers the cholesterol level by 15-22% according to studies. Consequently, eating hemp seeds daily can lower elevated cholesterol and at best replace foods in the diet that have the opposite effect. These include, above all, animal foods such as red meat, sausages or highly processed convenience foods. 

7. baby friendly

As described extensively in the previous six reasons, hemp seeds are rich in high quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements. This makes them an excellent source of nutrients for babies who, with the small amount of food they take in, are particularly dependent on high quality for their nutrient density. 

Hemp seeds peeled open edited
Hulled hemp seeds are also suitable for babies

Around 6-8 months of age, babies can eat hemp seeds. These can be incorporated into meals such as porridge or sprinkled over food. Especially hulled hemp seeds (picture) are suitable because they can be swallowed easily but are not too small to be swallowed. In comparison to other sources of nutrients for babies, no allergies to hemp seeds have been proven so far. 

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