Does hemp oil make you sleepy? The truth about CBD and sleep

Does hemp oil make you tired? The truth about CBD and sleep

Have you ever lain awake at night and wished that your mind would calm down? That you could finally rest and fall asleep. Then you are not alone.

A large proportion of the population suffers from sleep problems or daytime sleepiness. Many find it difficult to fall asleep and sleep through the night without interruption. When counting sheep fails, some turn to dietary supplements, including hemp oil, CBD oil and other CBD products.

In this article you will find out how hemp can help you get a better quality of sleep.

What is hemp oil?

Before we look at the effects of hemp on sleep, let's look at the basics. Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is obtained from hemp seeds, which are pressed purely mechanically.

Hemp oil contains nutrients such as healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and phytochemicals. Like hemp seeds, hemp seed oil naturally contains no CBD or other cannabinoids. On the other hand, it is one of the most valuable edible oils and covers the daily requirement of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids with just two teaspoons (10 ml) a day (according to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society, DGE).

In conclusion, hemp oil should not be confused with CBD oil, as the two products are fundamentally different.

Can hemp oil make you tired?

Hemp oil itself is not known to directly aid sleep. Thanks to vitamin E and healthy omega fatty acids, some people find that hemp oil has a calming effect that relaxes both the mind and the body. For some people, feeling more relaxed can mean a better night's sleep.

While hemp oil shows promise for supporting overall wellness, the evidence that it directly improves sleep is lacking. If you struggle with insomnia or other sleep disorders, it is unlikely to produce the desired results on its own.

CBD oil and sleep

That brings us to CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, leaves and stems of the hemp plant and contains cannabinoids. These substances can interact with the body's own endocannabinoid system, which regulates sleep, among other things.

Initial research suggests that CBD oil can improve sleep in various ways:

1) Balancing the sleep-wake rhythm
2) Relaxation and stress reduction
3) Relief from pain
4) Reduction of anxiety

The correct dosage is important here, which should usually be chosen individually. As with other natural products, it is best to start small with the dosage of CBD oil and increase it depending on how the body reacts.

Currently, the effect of CBD oil on sleep has not yet been fully researched and therefore an optimal dosage cannot yet be specified. However, initial research results are promising for those who struggle with disorders such as insomnia, REM sleep behaviour disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Table: Hemp oil and CBD oil in comparison

Hemp seed oilCBD oil
Raw material for productionHemp SeedsExtract from the hemp plant
Essential componentsContains fatty acids, proteins, vitaminsContains CBD and other cannabinoids
Areas of applicationvaluable edible oil, food supplement, skin careTherapeutic areas
AdvantagesNutrient supply with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin EPossible treatment of diseases such as epilepsy, anxiety, sleep disorders
Legal situationLegal without restrictionGenerally permitted in the EU, with regional differences
Sleep aid?No evidence of sleep-promoting effectsResearch shows potential for improving sleep and daytime sleepiness

Other natural sleep aids

In addition to the use of CBD oil Other natural sleep aids can also help you to fall asleep.

Camomile - This daisy-like flower contains apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to certain receptors in the brain that can promote fatigue and reduce insomnia.

Valerian root - Valerian root preparations can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better thanks to compounds such as valerenic acid, which stimulate the GABA receptors.

Magnesium - Magnesium deficiency can disrupt sleep. Taking food supplements or foods with a high magnesium content can improve sleep. These include hemp seeds or hemp protein powder with a magnesium content of up to 1%.

Melatonin - Your body produces this hormone to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin supplements can help to increase the natural release of melatonin before going to bed.

Tips for better sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene refers to habits and routines that prepare you for healthy sleep. Before trying hemp, CBD oil or other sleep-boosting remedies, consider the following points:

  • Maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle, even at weekends
  • Avoid blue light from phones/TVs just before going to bed
  • Make sure your bedroom is cool (approx. 18°C), dark and quiet.

If you stick to these three things every evening, you are signalling to your body that it's time to go to bed - without any sleeping pills!


All in all, hemp oil offers the following benefits thanks to its valuable omega fatty acids and Vitamins mainly general health benefits, but probably does not make you tired.

CBD oil could be more promising for sleep problems and daytime sleepiness thanks to its interaction with the natural endocannabinoid receptors. Before you start taking CBD, you should consult your doctor if in doubt and start with a low dosage. For optimum results, it is also advisable to maintain good sleep hygiene.

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