CBD for better sleep

A good night's sleep is one of the most important necessities for a healthy and vital life. In the article, we discuss how you can improve your sleep and how CBD can help you do so.


Why is sleep so important?

Sleep plays an important role in health and well-being throughout life. Getting enough sleep increases mental and physical health, quality of life and safety. Many people, including athletes and high performers in business, are unaware of the importance of a healthy night's rest.

The most important reasons for good sleep

  • A Fast and effective regeneration of your body depends on sleep. Your Performance is also directly dependent on the quality of the night's sleep.
  • Sleep is important for a healthy brain function and emotional well-being. During the night's rest, the brain prepares for the next day.
  • The ability to learning and solving problemsn is improved by healthy sleep. This includes learning at school, university and in everyday life, as well as the ability to improve movements and make decisions. That is why a good night's sleep is essential for top athletes and decision-makers.
  • The Body and immune system health is also very much dependent on sleep. Your immune system defends you against foreign or harmful substances, helping you to stay healthy. In addition, night's rest is involved in the healing and repair of the heart and blood vessels.
  • A Healthy growth and development are also dependent on sleep. During deep sleep, the body releases hormones that promote growth in children and adolescents. Furthermore, these hormones promote the Muscle mass formation and the Repair of the cells in children, adolescents and adults. Sleep also plays a role in puberty and fertility.

In the infographic below from Sainfort you can see a summary of the most important reasons for a good night's sleep.

The consequences and risks of sleep deprivation

  • Increases the risk of suffering from Chronic health problems to fall ill. Prolonged sleep deprivation is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.
  • According to studies Lack of sleep alters brain activity. People who are sleep-deprived have difficulty making decisions and solving problems, controlling emotions and behaviour. Sleep deprivation is also associated with lack of motivation, stress, depression, suicide and risk-taking behaviour.
  • People with sleep deprivation usually feel hungry and increase the Risk of obesity. The study confirms that for every hour of sleep lost, the likelihood of becoming obese increases.
  • Lack of sleep can also lead to a elevated blood sugar level lead to diabetes. This also increases the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Sleep deprivation Decreases attention and can lead to Microsleep lead. This significantly increases the risk of accidents. According to one assumption, 25% of all car accidents are associated with microsleep.

CBD for better sleep and insomnia

Hemp extracts with CBD are particularly popular for insomnia. The main component CBD is also used in the treatment of anxiety, traumatic disorders and stress. In our Articles on Cannabidiol (CBD) you can find out more about the general effects and possible applications.
There are several reasons why people have trouble sleeping. Below we list the most important ones and why CBD can help treat them.

CBD for better sleep with mental problems

Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder often lead to sleep deprivation.
A study on CBD for depression suggested that there is a positive interaction between CBD and serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin influences the emotional state of happiness, among other things. Balanced serotonin levels are often a key therapy for people with depression.
In addition, another study with CBD shows positive results for sheep-loss and anxiety. In the study, taking 25 mg of CBD daily for 1 month showed the following:

  • 79.2 % of all participants reported that CBD led to lower levels of anxiety.
  • 66.7 % of all participants reported that CBD gave them a better sleep experience.

CBD for sleep problems due to stress

Too much physical and mental stress often leads to sleep problems. A study from the USA confirms the connection between cannabinoids like CBD and stress. Among other things, CBD is said to improve the body's ability to adapt to stress. In addition, CBD is generally considered to be calming and stress-relieving.

CBD for insomnia due to pain

Another factor that can contribute to insomnia is pain of any form. A study conducted by the renowned journal Frontiers in Pharmacology reports that CBD can reduce pain.
Less pain simultaneously increases well-being and thus also the quality of sleep.

Use of CBD for better sleep

Our recommendation: organic CBD extracts

In natural CBD extracts, the proportion of other cannabinoids, besides CBD itself, is the highest. Furthermore, the extracts contain valuable terpenes (fragrances) and flavonoids (secondary plant substances), which are said to have positive properties. Hemp products from organic cultivation also provide more security in terms of pollutant content and sustainable cultivation.

Organic CBD Oil 10%

Dosage recommendations

For the dosage recommendation, we refer to the mentioned study on the use of CBD for insomnia and anxiety by Dr. Scott Shannon. In the study, patients with insomnia take 25 mg of CBD daily after dinner. This corresponds approximately to:

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